Why is there a hold on PC 1275, and what is the process for removing it

How to remove a PC 1275 hold on a bail bonds. The hold is to assure the money was not obtained through the crimes that the defendant is being accused of. Example; if a person selling stolen merchandise, is giving the money to a friend to post bond when arrested. Another example would be that if someone is accused of business fraud they would not want the business in question to be used as collateral to post the bail bond. So law enforcement places a hold on the defendant’s bail called PC 1275.

There is bail bondsman and there are bail bondsmen that know how to prepare a PC 1275 bail bond, Central Cali Bail Bonds knows how to process PC 1275. If you have been arrested and have a 1275 hold on your bail then you really need a Central Cali Bail Bonds!

What is the difference?

When you are arrested under most circumstances you would contact a bondsman, fill out their application, sign their agreement, arrange payment and/or collateral and if they approve they would go down to the jail, sheriff, police department or court house and post the bond.

If you have a PC 1275 hold. There is the process, in addition you must get the 1275 hold lifted by a judge before being able to post this bond. There is still the ability for the defendant to bond out of jail. The problem is the “hold” in the system does not allow the court clerk, jailor, sheriff or the police to take the bond until a Judge removes this hold. The hold can only be removed in a court hearing. There is a specific process to make this happen. There must be a court hearing with the judge and he must order the 1275 hold to be removed or lifted. For this to happen you must get a hearing on calendar with the court. You need to be prepared for this hearing. Preparing for this hearing is done very differently than other cases. We have to prove to the judge that the money and collateral being used for the bond is coming from a legal source. Gathering information and verifying its source can be difficult. Now you’re ready for the hearing on calendar. Remember, to have the 1275 hold lifted you must be in front of a judge to make a ruling to lift the hold. We must ask the court to put you on calendar and set a 1275 bail hearing.

**This sometimes can take a day and other times take a few days to weeks for your case to be heard.**

If you have someone in custody that needs to be bonded out of jail that has a PC 1275 hold please call 661-325-1011. Bondsmen do not want to lose your business! But, if they are not truly experienced in the court process and the lifting of a 1275 hold it will not happen and the next time you go back to ask you will most likely be scrutinized even more.